Gigapixel photography

Gigapixel photography is characterized by their particularly high resolution. A gigapixel has 1000 megapixels. An image with a resolution of several gigapixels has therefore, a resolution 1000 higher than that of an image that has been made with a conventional small format camera.

Gigapixel photos are suitable for prints up to a size of 50 x 70 m with a resolution of 100 ppi.

Gigapixel photographs are fascinating in the digital presentation aswell. Their high resolution allows an almost infinite zoom, which offers the viewer to discover many new details. These pictures can also incorporate texts, graphics and/or videos, which the viewer can find and explore when zooming in on details. The photos are able interact with the viewer this way.

On the Large Format Stock portal click XXL images; one of the largest collections of photographs with a Gigapixelresolution in the world. Our largest photographs have a resolution of more than 20 gigapixels. All of our Gigapixelphotos on our Large Format Stock portal are referred to as XXL images.

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