What are XXL Pictures

Our XXL images are very large photographs which start with 500 Megapixel and going into a resolution of several gigapixels. This type of photography is usually called Gigapixelphotography. A gigapixel equals 1000 megapixels. An image with a resolution of several gigapixels thus has thousands times the resolutions of a standard image. All this can be created with a conventional small format camera.

These XXL images are suitable for printing starting with over 30m² with also images printable over 1000m² with a resolution of 100 ppi (ppi are not dpi).

XXL Photos in a digital presentation are fascinating as well.  Their high resolution allows the viewer to zoom in extremely close on a picture while still retaining a clear image. The viewer can discover this way many details such as text, pictures or even videos that are integrated into the photograph, which makes the Picture very interactive.

The Large Format Stock Portal offers one of the largest collections of photographs with Gigapixelresolution in the World.

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