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The Large Format Stock Portal ( by Gigapixel is the only stock portal in the world that has explicitly specialized in high-resolution images. The sizes range from 100 megapixels to the multiple gigapixel range.

With high-resolution images, each wall surface can turn into a forest, a flower meadow is created on every floor, every ceiling reveals the view of blue skies and green treetops. The special thing about it is that the motives are not only convincing from a distance. They are so sharp from a distance of a few centimeters that you want to stretch out your hand.

In the Large Format Stock Portal, users can choose between two categories: cheaper pictures with a size of 100 to 250 megapixels or XXL pictures with more than 500 megapixels.

Countless motifs offer a diverse selection of categories such as nature, landscape, architecture or city. Suitable motifs can also be found on the desired main color of the image.

A particular focus of the portal is on nature motifs, which are particularly suitable for the design of ceilings or floors.

The navigation in the bilingual portal (currently German and English) is easy and clear. A special feature is the zoomable previews, with which each point of the image can be viewed before buying. So there are no nasty surprises after printing.

The matching cut of the picture according to the wishes of the customer is included in the price of the floor.

Gigapixel works with photographers around the world dedicated to high-definition photography. Thematically, we therefore create a special variety in our Large Format Stock Portal. On special customer request also contract work is possible.

The Gigapixel company is based in Ilmenau / Thuringia. Born out of the passion for photography, we discovered the potential of high-resolution images early on and occupied this niche.

Our topics:

- High resolution pictures from 100 megapixels

- diverse motives

- Nature motifs especially for the design of ceilings and floors

Our service:

- matching cut

- zoomable preview

- commissioned work

- Bilingual portal

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