Photographs in Large Format

All photos in Large Format Stock have a resolutions of 100 megapixels or more. Our largest image files can be found under Pictures XXL. These photographs have a resolution of several gigapixels.

Due to the high resolution, our Photographs are particularly well suited for the use of large-format prints. A photograph with a resolution of 100 megapixels can print from a size of 120 x 60 cm, at a resolution of 100ppi up to a size of 360 x 180 cm and at a resolution of 300 ppi.

Our XXL Photos or Gigapixelpictures can print large Objects, such as the Brandenburger Tor, with a resolutions of 100 ppi.

Our photographs are therefore are very well suited for the design of exhibition stands, awnings, walls, wallpapers  and for interior decorations, shop window advertising and outdoor advertising. 

The high resolution also allows fascinating effects in the digital presentation. One can zoom into the images and discover the smallest of details due to the high resolution. Our pictures are also a good option for search games for customers on social networks, allowing them to interact and promoting the product. 

Further Information on Gigalpixel Photography
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